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Central Oregon

Central Oregon is located exactly where it sounds like – in central Oregon. While Oregon has a wide array of weather patterns within its small state, Central Oregon is characterized by its dry and sunny climate thanks to the fact that the area sits in the Cascade mountains rain shadow. While part of the draw to this area is the fact that they see about 300 sunny days per year, central Oregon experiences some pretty harsh winters. While this could be debated nationally, we feel confident saying it experiences one of the harsher winter seasons in the state. Although they do see about 300 sunny days a year, most of the precipitation in the area falls during winter and results in snowfall that can range anywhere from 8-22 inches at any given point. Have you dreamed of living somewhere that truly experiences 4 distinct seasons? Central Oregon might just be the place for you. 

While experiencing summer and winter can be nice, it can get too hot or too cold without the correct equipment. While cars typically come equipped with both heating and cooling technology, many homes (especially older, or cheaper ones) do not. Depending on where you’re looking, most homes will always have heating but rarely come with air conditioning. And while some areas could consider heating or cooling an unnecessary luxury depending on their local climate, both could be considered necessary in Bend. Call us spoiled but no one truly likes dying of heat exhaustion in the summer, or shivering and chattering their teeth when the cold of winter strikes. 

Adding, or even updating, the heating and cooling systems in your home can be expensive. While this is unavoidable, you do need to ensure you are choosing the best quality equipment and having it installed by certified, licensed professionals. With Central Oregon being so large, this can be a tricky, and time consuming, task when trying to do your research. Central Oregon is a region in Oregon, but is actually made up of three different counties – Deschutes County, Jefferson County, and Crook County. If you search “Central Oregon Heating and Cooling” you’re sure to pull up dozens of listings. You can narrow down your choices by looking at those closest to your home, or you can look for the most qualified and hope that they service your area, or pay for them to come to you. 

Once you’ve narrowed down how you’ll go about finding your company of choice, the real work begins. When doing anything to your home, especially when installing spendy equipment, you’ll likely want to compare companies to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. You can do this by checking out websites, looking at the reviews, and more. You’ll most likely look at their Google reviews (if that’s your search engine of choice) but we recommend checking out Yelp, Angies List, and other sites like them. There you will see a more diverse range of reviews from real customers. Don’t have the time to do all of this, or simply don’t want to? We recommend checking out Pro Heat & Cooling in central Oregon (https://proheat.org/central-oregon-heating-and-cooling/). While they are based in Bend, they actually service all of Central Oregon. They ensure the best equipment, most efficient installation, and emphasize the importance of maintaining equipment to ensure longevity and the lowest utility bills possible. At the end of the day, Professional Heat & Cooling is there for you and will get the job done right, fast, and at the lowest possible cost.